3 Reasons to Choose Dental Implants After a Sports Injury

Posted on: 11 August 2022


When most people think about losing a tooth, they associate it with the decay that often comes with poor tooth care, bad nutrition, or simply old age, and yet many perfectly healthy teeth are lost each year due to trauma sustained during some kind of impact sport. It can be disheartening to lose a tooth when you've always been committed to your dental health, but it doesn't have to be the problem it used to be thanks to dental implants.

These are permanently fixed in your mouth, which means they essentially act like normal teeth and don't suffer from some of the drawbacks associated with dentures, such as changes in speech or loss of bone structure. Here are just three reasons why dental implants are particularly advantageous after a sports injury.

1. Implants Offer Strong Resistance Against Impact

One of the biggest worries associated with dentures and bridges is that they might come loose during heavy exercise or while playing sports. That means those who lose teeth through a sports injury often worry about playing again. With a dental implant, that isn't such an issue. Implants are fixed using a metal screw that is secured right to the bone, so it's very unlikely for it to become dislodged and move around your mouth.

2. Young Patients Should Enjoy Uncomplicated Healing

One of the only potential downsides of a dental implant is that it can sometimes fail. However, this is unlikely after a sports injury since such patients are usually young and in good health. As such, issues such as old age and decreasing health are unlikely to prompt complications. Your healing process should be fast and uncomplicated. That isn't just good for now — it also creates a firm anchor point for any further dental replacements you may need years down the line when your health isn't as resilient.

3. Implants Provide Superior Tooth Support

Replacing a lost tooth is also good for the rest of your teeth — leaving a gap means teeth will move around more easily and won't enjoy the same support they used to. That can be even more problematic if you want to continue with impact sports or other heavy exercises since your teeth will be in greater need of such support. By fitting a dental implant, you'll provide the same level of support for your remaining natural teeth as any other natural tooth would provide.

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